Smart Neck Massager

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Neck & shoulder pain gone in minutes 🍃
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The Smart Neck Massager by SoothingLAB™ delivers a deep massage using low-frequency electrical pulses known as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation).

Our brand new massager will melt away any stiffness or tension in any of your body parts or muscles. Your new personal masseuse and daily dose of relief and comfort.

Let me explain, different types of massage devices has for a long time been used to treat sore, tense & stiff muscles and body parts. We didn't like the look and feel of those traditional "old-looking" massage devices. No more expensive therapy/massage-visits, save money and start relaxing with the Smart Neck Massager by SoothingLAB™ today!


Deep Penetration: Using electric pulse therapy, the massager is able to penetrate 1-2 inches (2-4cm) below the skin to relieve and soothe pain-points.

One-Size-Fits-All: We wanted to make sure everybody could use the massager no matter the size of the person. Our design is a one-size-fits-all.

Sleek & Discreet Design: Unlike other massagers that look bulky, our massager has a nice & sleek design. Nobody will notice you're using it.

15 Minute Auto Turn-Off: Use it 15 minutes a day and feel the difference. The massager will automatically shut off after 15 minutes.

Choose Your Mode: Find your favorite combination. Choose between 4 different massage modes, 15 levels of strengths levels and 3 levels of heat.

Lightweight & Easy-To-Use: Very lightweight and sleek compared to other massagers. Designed for maximum comfort and simple use.

USB Rechargeable: The massager charges via USB, easy and fast. One charge can last up to 7 days with 15 minutes of use daily.